Obama Family Has Every Right to a Pricey Hawaiian Getaway for Christmas

air force oneEver since late 2009, we Americans have had the same nervous breakdown around this time of year. It goes a little something like this: "Oh, noes, our President and his family are in Hawaii for Christmas while XYZ is going on back in D.C.!"

Some people are hell-bent on believing this means the Obamas are out of touch with working-class Americans who haven't ever been to Hawaii, let alone on a tropical vacation -- maybe ever, but at least not since the economy went sour! Others are still a bit suspicious of what the President thinks he's doing "going on vacation" when there's business to be done in Washington. (Did they meet Texas ranch-lovin' Dubya Bush?) Meanwhile, there are some who are griping that Michelle Obama was spied wearing a $2K sundress to Christmas services. (These are the same people sitting around figuring out that the First Family has spent about $4 mil. on their getaway.)

I say it's time for America to take a freakin' chill pill.  


Here's something we need to wrap our heads around: The President only goes to Hawaii, because that's where he grew up (contrary to Tea Party belief that he came over here from Kenya when he was 47 to run for President). Not because he, Michelle, and the girls want to go parasailing and booze cruisin'. How many of us get on planes and go back to where we grew up every Christmas and New Year's? Why should the First Family be any different? If he had spent more time as a kid in Kansas (where his mom grew up), that's where they'd be right now. We're just jealous, because we don't have such a great excuse to go to Honolulu!

As for the amount of money they're spending on their holiday getaway, give me a break. It's not coming out of my pocket or yours. Maybe these nickel and diming whiners need a brief reminder that prior to becoming POTUS, Obama did pretty well for himself with his book deals. Before becoming FLOTUS, Michelle was the Vice President for Community and External Affairs at the University of Chicago Hospitals. The fact that she isn't hanging around in Old Navy 24/7 shouldn't surprise us, and it certainly doesn't mean she is any less of an advocate for middle-class Americans.

Seems to me like those whining about how the Obamas spend their holiday season every year are being petty brats, just looking for a new bone to pick. But news flash: It's neither new or a big deal, so it's time to move on.

Do you have a problem with the Obamas' vacationing in Hawaii for the holidays?


Image via Thierry/Flickr

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