Poisonous Snakes Discovered by X-Ray Make Us Appreciate TSA Agents

pit viperKnow what sounds like fun? Flying in an airplane with 250 poisonous snakes and endangered reptiles -- RIGHT? Good times for all! What could possibly go wrong? Certainly nothing death-y. Of course not.

I'm sure that's what the Czech snake smuggler (say that 10 times fast) was thinking when he tried to sneak all those snakes and lizards past security in his luggage at an airport in Argentina. There were snakes in socks, lizards in plastic bags -- they were all over the place. And they were even labeled with their proper Latin names. Because airport security agents really appreciate those sorts of helpful gestures. So you're probably wondering what this guy was doing with all the reptiles -- so am I!


Well, we don't know for sure, but it looks like he may have been a courier for a criminal organization. No doubt he planned to sell the snakes to notorious drug lords, gangstas, 007 villains, and other high-powered thug types who keep poisonous animals around their offices to reinforce their scary bad-guy image. As one does. The smuggler, Karel Abelovsky, just happens to run a website that sells exotic reptiles. 

Fortunately, airport security in Buenos Aires saw something wriggling when they ran Abelovsky's suitcases through the X-ray scanner. Wouldn't that run a chill up your spine! If you think all airport security agents ever do is look at us all nakey and confiscate our cupcakes, maybe this will make us respect them a little more. Or at least pity them -- ew, what a find.

Meanwhile, since the snakes and lizards had been gathered from all over Latin America, it would be nearly impossible to return them all (good thing reptiles don't bond with their young). So they're either going to the zoo or to Argentina's national health institute, where scientists will use the venomous animals to develop antidotes. So you see, the snake smuggler actually helped scientists! Thank you, Czech snake smuggler. We should definitely award you a medal for public service. Right after you serve your prison sentence.

What would you do if you discovered a snake on a plane?


Image via The_Gut/Flickr

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