Dottie Sandusky Is Nuts to Join Jerry for Talk Show Interview

jerry sanduskyThankfully, all was quiet on the Sandusky front (more or less) for Christmas and Hanukkah -- it'd be a shame if the dirtbag ruined any of our holidays. But lo and behold, it's December 27th, and he's back. Word on the street is, Jerry Sandusky and his wife Dottie are supposedly toying around with the idea of doing a major television interview together.

That's right. According to attorney Joe Amendola, the Sanduskys are "considering speaking together publicly after the new year ... either to Oprah Winfrey, 60 Minutes, Rock Center, or Barbara Walters." Um ... yeah, that's not a bad idea at all. Especially after the bang-up job he did during his original Rock Center interview.

So, is he just going for the insanity plea?


I'm not sure what would be worse -- Jerry Sandusky actually doing another interview, or his wife, Dottie, partaking in the whole trainwreck with him. I'm thinking the latter. If the allegations are true, Jerry is a sick, sick man. Dottie still has a fighting chance to come out clean, do the right thing. I mean, does she honestly believe that her husband is innocent? I can't imagine being in her situation, but I'm pretty confident that if I were, and therewere all these allegations, I'd think he did it.

Dottie needs to just let go of her husband. I know it's hard, but it truly is the right thing to do. How could she continue to stand by him like this? I'm not sure if someone is telling her to stick up for him, or if she honestly believes he's innocent. Either way, it's disconcerting.

A Jerry and Dottie Sandusky interview will be a ratings juggernaut for whoever scores it -- and I'm sure the Sanduskys will make money to boot -- but I really can't think of a worse thing for either of them to do right now.

Do you think the Sanduskys should do a joint interview? What do you think is going through Dottie's head?


Image via Pennsylvania Attorney General

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