Insane Mall of America Fight Makes Shopping Look Dangerous (VIDEO)

fights at mall of americaRemember when going to the mall was, like, fun? The day after Christmas you and your BFF would dress up in matching outfits, grab your brand-new purses, and go spend that $30 Grandma sent you on earlobe-stretching earrings and the latest album by your favorite boy band. OMG, the BEST! Right? Have things ever changed. Suddenly it's like the apocalypse is happening now -- at a mall near you.

Yesterday there was a full-out teenage brawl at the Mall of America. Some 10 people were arrested. Chairs were thrown. Fights broke out everywhere. Total mayhem. I remember when break dancing was trendy at the mall. But it looks like the hot new scene there is thrashing your neighbors. 


What is going on? The Mall of America brawl would be shocking enough on its own. But this year we saw shoppers pepper-spraying other shoppers. And on the eve of baby Jesus' birth, for crying out loud, a shopper punched an elderly Walmart greeter in the nose! What the hell is the matter with people? Are we human beings or just several roving packs of rabid dogs? Does anyone know how to behave themselves anymore? And does anyone feel safe shopping in public?

Maybe it's the pressures of the economy. Tensions rise when times get tough. But that's still no justification for freakin' hitting people -- especially in a public place. If "retail rage" gets any more commonplace it's going to sink businesses everywhere. And that's not what any of us want. Most of us reasonable, sane, non-pepper-spraying ADULTS want to shop in peace without worrying about some no-manners, adrenalin-hyped fool harming us or our kids. Is that so much to ask?

Every year I do a little more of my shopping either online or at the pricey little boutiques in my neighborhood and less at the big box stores. Apparently, safe shopping comes at a cost, and it's worth it to me to avoid the mass mayhem going on in larger retail stores. If that means I buy less "stuff," well, I guess it's just as well. I need more SAFE than STUFF anyhow.

Are you starting to feel less safe shopping at malls and big box stores?


Image via YouTube

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