Reporter Serene Branson's On-Air 'Stroke' Made Us Gasp in 2011 (VIDEO)

serene bransonIt's been almost a year since news anchor Serene Branson raised eyebrows all over the country when she went on air at the Grammys and slurred her speech in a most concerning way. Unsurprisingly, it seems, the video of the incident became one of the most mind-boggling, intriguing, and engaging clips of 2011.

Although we learned back in February that Branson's issue was the result of an intense migraine, I'm sure many of us, to this day, are seriously freaked out by the fact that a headache could lead to a stroke-like speech impediment. A look back on our coverage of the incident proves this wasn't something most of us took lightly ...


When the scary clip of Branson speaking gibberish hit the Internet, the buzz was that the reporter had suffered a possible stroke. There was also tons of speculation that the reporter was trashed, having "pregamed before her broadcast" or was just that nervous.

Then, when Serene was released from the hospital swiftly after the incident, we wondered if she had actually suffered a  transient ischemic 'mini-stroke' attack (after which many patients are allowed to go home), and noted that even if she didn't have a stroke, it was a terrible reminder that it certainly is possible for younger people in their 20s and 30s to have them!

But, in the end, all clues lead to a severe migraine. Branson was diagnosed with complex migraine syndrome, of which something called dysphasic language dysfunction can be a symptom. Terrifying, but at the same time, it was good to know what the heck happened to the young reporter!

The latest on Branson? She's teamed up with the National Headache Foundation to launch “More Than Just A Headache," to bring awareness to the prevalence and treatment of migraines. Here's a video she did back in June with the scoop ...

It's awesome that the reporter has taken a frightening episode and turned it into something productive and inspirational for other women. And it's a relief to know she's doing well now.

Looking back at the moment as one of the most fascinating stories of the year, I can't help but be reminded ... it's not exactly wise to jump to conclusions when faced with something as baffling as this! After all, there's usually much more going on than what meets the eye -- or ear.

Were you fascinated by Serene Branson's story this year?


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