Kids Belong on the Campaign Trail So Parents Can Kiss Them Goodnight

michele bachmann
Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann
is mom to 5 kids
If I were running for president, or anything for that matter, my kids would definitely be on the campaign trail with me. My family is my first priority, and given the 24/7/365 nature of campaigning for office, I’d never see them if I didn’t drag them along for the ride.

Parenting isn’t about having cute little props, or someone to carry on our genes, or feeling needed and/or loved; it’s about raising young people to be responsible and productive members of society. My kids would be on the campaign trail with me because at this stage of their lives, they need their parents for guidance and instruction. The only way my husband and I would be able to provide that for them is if they were out politicking with us.


Although I don’t see myself running for anything (at this point anyway), I can imagine it: The big RV, the hired tutor (can’t have them lagging on school work), the incredible opportunities to see sights outside of their hometown, and the certitude of their gaining a deeper understanding of the electoral process.

Right now, my kids are little (3 & 8), so this is my chance to imbue them with as much knowledge and as many experiences as possible. What parent doesn’t want to impart their hard-learned knowledge upon their progeny? If they weren’t with me on the always-demanding campaign trail, how could I teach them about anything?

My daughters are going to grow up one day, and become independent women that probably complain about me to their girlfriends. I would consider it an honor and a blessing at that point if they decided to support my hypothetical campaign. I would never pressure or threaten them to join in the effort, because (as I mentioned earlier) my children are my first priority. I’m doing my best to raise them well now, so that someday they will hopefully be the kind of citizens that would support a candidate that I would hope to be: One for limited government and individual freedom.

I cannot imagine running a campaign without my family intricately involved in it because my family is my life. My kids are the reason I talk out loud about politics, and I believe that if I ever decided to run for anything, they’d be the reason I’d do it. Of course they’d be with me on the campaign trail.

Aside from any political reason, I’d want them with me just so I could kiss them goodnight. They are, after all, so sweet when they’re sleeping. 


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