Benjamin Netanyahu’s Christmas Greeting Rocked

benjamin netanyahuIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently released a video, wishing all the Christians of Israel (and around the word) a very merry Christmas. Although he is Jewish, he took the time and consideration to bring some holiday cheer to people that practice a different religion than himself. To that, I say, “Happy Hanukkah, Mr. Netanyahu!”


Every year, the political correctness of Christmas annoys me, so I find Netanyahu’s unashamed holiday herald refreshing. See? People of different faiths can get along without bursting into flames or even worse, being offended.

It’s also a good reminder that Israel is a strong supporter of religious freedom in an area of the world where people are often less than tolerant to religions outside of Islam. And by ‘less than tolerant,’ I mean they kill people who believe differently than they do.

Iran likes to throw Christian pastors in jail, at least when authorities aren’t busy stoning rape victims to death. Bibles are banned from Saudi Arabia, where officials routinely go into private residences to break up prayer meetings or worship services. They like to throw Christians in jail too.

Christians don’t fair much better in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and pretty much every other country in the Middle East. Nothing says ‘religion of peace’ quite like brutal violence and persecution towards those with different religious beliefs than your own.

Israel not only tolerates Christianity, it welcomes it. The prime minister encouraged Christians to “visit Jerusalem … visit the Galilee … visit the very places where Jesus lived and preached the message of universal peace, a message that has spread across the world.”

Bravo, Prime Minister Netanyahu, for not only sending a positive Christmas message to those that celebrate the holiday, but also for leading a nation that allows people to choose the god they’d like to worship. If other countries in that region followed Israel’s example, the world would be one step closer to peace on earth and goodwill toward men.

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