Alien Nativity Is Inspiring, Not Offensive (VIDEO)

alien nativityWhen Portland, Oregon artist Matt Henderson decided to make a Christmas nativity scene, he clearly wanted to shake things up. Instead of displaying the three wise men and baby Jesus, he used four alien magi and a shaman Santa. That's right, it's an alien nativity. But the odd Christmas display doesn't stop there, there are also some 3-D elements, some bitchin' lasers, and a manger with a mirror in it. Visitors are welcome to walk through this piece of work and experience the traditional Christian story in a very, very new way.

The installation may offend you, it may amuse you, but it will certainly make you go hmm. And according to the artist, that's the point.


He explains that putting the mirror in the manger was intended to make people reflect on the divinity and potential they have inside themselves as well as to help them recognize the "terrestrial nature of Christ."

I hear what he's saying, and I think the alien nativity is, well, pretty cool. I was born and raised Christian and I'm neither personally offended nor flabbergasted by the wacky re-interpretation of the tried and true traditional story. Some of us get so stuffy about combining religion and imagination, but to me, it's not only appropriate, it's necessary.

Everyone needs to be jostled a bit; to be pinched into seeing things a different way. Walking through an alien adventure is a fun way to see the nativity again for the first time. We've all seen Mary and Joseph crouched over in the straw, staring at a newborn. It's refreshing to have that turned on its head. Out with the old, in with the aliens.

And hey, stealing a mirror is way less attractive than stealing a baby Jesus, so this nativity scene, in the very least, has that going for them.

Watch the story on the alien nativity:


What do you think -- cool or offensive?


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