It Was Almost the Year Without a Postman Santa Claus

santa claus on someone's lawnFor the past decade, a USPS letter carrier named Bob McLean has dressed up like Jolly Ol' St. Nick every holiday season while working his route in Bellevue, Washington. The guy has the perfect Santa beard, and people along his route seem to love the tradition! But this year, some total Grinch of a colleague decided to complain to a supervisor, and McLean was told he couldn't don his Santa hat and jacket while delivering mail anymore. That it was a violation of the "dress code."

Wow, well, the USPS made a grave mistake fighting McLean on his expression of holiday spirit. The postman's story has gotten people all over the country up in arms in his defense. McLean even had to promise to "go rogue" by wearing his costume even if his bosses said he couldn't. But we can all relax and drink our eggnog now, because thanks to all the bad publicity they would have endured otherwise, it seems the USPS had to cave and let him don his Santa-wear as he makes his deliveries.


What an unnecessary battle for the USPS to fight, though, huh? Even though they gave in, they still look like total Scrooges now.

I can't imagine anyone could possibly object to what McLean has been doing. No one's complained in a decade, and why would they? All most of us want is for our mail people to show up and deliver our letters and packages on time. It doesn't hurt if they're doing it with a smile or a "Hello, how are you?" In fact, that's something I'd prefer, especially now that we're light years away from those Norman Rockwellian days when you knew one another by first name.

As for the dress code, give me a break! Sure, it's kind of nice to see post people dressed up in uniform, so you know they have a legit reason to be going into your mailbox and handling your bills! But it seems to me McLean is the kind of postman who has been friendly enough that the people on his route know who he is already, plus I'm sure his uniform is noticeable under his costume. No big deal!

Silly USPS -- they really screwed up on this one by making a mountain out of an elf-sized hill.

Would you be okay with your letter carrier dressing up as Santa?


Image via Wonderlane/Flickr

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