80-Year-Old Cane-Swinging Grandma Saves Daughter From Armed Robber

grandma caneI'm no expert on armed robbery, but I kind of feel like if you're enough of a scaredy-cat to be chased off by an 80-year-old lady swinging a cane, maybe you're in the wrong field. Ya know? Just a thought.

Of course we're talking about an aluminum cane, and the 80-year-old woman in question is one tough abuela. More than anything else, Josefa Lopez proves the mama bear instinct doesn't fade with age.

The Florida grandma went into attack mode when she saw her 61-year-old daughter Teresa Medina being robbed by a man with a gun. Hey, 61 or not, Teresa is still her baby!


Lopez ran right after the gunman, who was apparently trying to get away with Medina's purse, when she saw her daughter lying bloodied in the driveway. She says she felt no fear for her own safety at all.

"I thought she was dead. I yelled at [the gunman], 'I am going to kill you, [son of a b----]!' I wasn't myself. To me, she was dead."

Did I mention Lopez is 4-foot-9?

But it's like she said: She wasn't herself. That fiercely protective trait we have as moms is so adrenalizing, it transforms us. Even at 80 years old! We're never too old to turn into a superhero when our kids are in danger. It's biological, I guess. (And pretty cool.)

Anyway, Medina wasn't dead (she was actually trying to scream at her mother to get back inside the house), but having been pistol-whipped, she couldn't quite get up either. She was forced to watch her tiny little firecracker of a mother catch up to the burglar, grab on to the back of his shirt, and start tugging. Lopez was just about to start wailing on the man with her cane when he turned around and fired a shot in her direction ... and missed! 

At close range. See what I mean? The whole crime thing just isn't working out for this guy.

Anyway, at that point he gave up and took off in a getaway car driven by another guy (who was probably like, Dude, WTF?! That lady was like 100 years old!).

Lopez and Medina are apparently terrified that the man will come back to finish what he started, but honestly?

I highly doubt it. Some mamas you just don't mess with.

Do you think you could fight off your kid's attacker at 80 years old?


Image via Emilio Labrador/Flickr


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