What's Brewing for the Week Of: December 21 (VIDEO)

what's brewing logoAll the joy and the madness of the holidays are finally upon us! Take a few minutes to yourself and check out What's Brewing this week at The Stir.

Each week in our video series, we bring you five of the most interesting, most talked about posts that you just may have missed on the site. Today we've got a blind 11-year-old girl who finished the Honolulu marathon; Justin Bieber making wishes come true for grade school students in Las Vegas; 11 delicious holiday breakfast ideas; and more. The only similarity between these hotly-debated, buzz-worthy stories? They all generated TONS of chatter. And they're bound to get you chattering, too!

Let's see what we've got ...


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Darling Baby Loses Play-Fight With Teacup Yorkie (VIDEO)

Do you think the mom whose toddler's photo was air-brushed overreacted? Or would you have been just as upset?


Justin Bieber image via SplashNews; Yorkie puppy video via YouTube

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