‘Accidental’ Killing of Amish Girl Should Be Grounds for Punishment

amishThe case of the 15-year-old Amish girl who was shot in the head and killed Thursday night has been cracked. Turns out that while Rachel Yoder was heading home in her buggy from a Christmas party, a man was cleaning his muzzle-loading rifle a little over a mile away. For some inexplicable reason, he fired the gun off into the air -- and the bullet made its way to Yoder and killed her. The horse continued to cart her after she was shot.

Save for the complete ridiculousness that a man would fire a rifle blindly into the sky, the craziest part is that no charges have been filed.


I understand that the Amish are a forgiving folk, and that's admirable and all, but come on. Someone killed an innocent 15-year-old girl. She had her whole life ahead of her. Isn't that grounds for punishment? What did this man (who came forward, by the way) think was going to happen when he shot off a gun into the sky? Did he think the bullet was just going to disappear? Even if there was no one in sight, he could have killed an animal, at the very least.

If I accidentally hit someone while driving in my car, and killed them, there would be consequences to pay. I don't really see why this is any different. In fact, this seems more irresponsible than hitting someone with your car. It's firing a device that's meant for killing people into thin air! It's dumb, it's dangerous, and it's not something that he should be able to walk free of.

Do you think the person who fired the gun should face charges?


Image via david_jones/Flickr

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