Face It, 'Hillary 2012' Isn't Going to Happen (LISTEN)

hillary clintonA few weeks back, there were soft rumblings from a select group of people advocating that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton replace Barack Obama in next year's election. Surely, this was a silly joke ... or should be treated as such, I thought. But no. The Hillary fan club is back and getting even louder, placing robo-calls to voters in Maryland, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, New York, and Arizona -- plus, a Stir staffer in California reports getting one! -- that say the country would be "better off today if Hillary Clinton was our president." Ouch.

Yep, these people believe Wall Street criminals would be jailed, more young people could find jobs and afford college, and fewer home-owners would be facing foreclosure if only Clinton had won the nom in '08. The calls are an attempt to get people to sign a petition to persuade Hillary to run again. 


Here's the audio of the call ...

Too bad for them ... she has absolutely no intention of or interest in doing so. And I don't blame her. It doesn't make any sense for her to. As much as I like Hillary, think she has done an outstanding job as Secretary of State, and would have voted for her in '08 if she had gotten the Dem nom, this campaign to get her to step on Obama's toes is nothing short of ridiculous.

In the past, the incumbent president has only stepped down from running for a second term (see: LBJ) when he's obviously screwed up so royally that there's no choice but to back away from the Oval Office after four years. That scenario does not apply to President Obama.

Furthermore, not that it's even worth speculating since it's impossible to know, but if we're gonna play the "coulda shoulda woulda" game, I highly doubt much would be noticebly different if Hillary had won the presidency. The same corporate lobbyists and close-minded, big business-loving Republicans who have pushed Obama around would have done the same to Hillary. Sadly, instead of racism, it would have been sexism keeping her hands tied on various issues. Oh, plus, because she probably would have been skittish on health care reform (given her failed attempt as First Lady in the '90s), 2.5 million Americans wouldn't now be insured, thanks to a provision in the Affordable Care Act that allows young adults to stay on their parent's health insurance, more than double the number previously estimated. Call me cynical, but that's how I see it having played out.

Regardless, the bottom-line is that Hillary isn't interested in the nomination. So her supporters would do well to find a more productive way to get involved in the 2012 election. How about drawing up a wish list to submit to the Obama campaign, or working with other Democrats to let Obama know what we want him to fight for during a second term? The President's the one who actually plans to re-engage with and appeal to voters next year, so I'm sure he'll be all ears.

What do you make of this "Run Hillary" campaign?


Image via Veni Markovski/Flickr

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