Assassination Threat on Obama Kids Is Horrifying Even for a Politician

Obama familyI don't care which side of the political aisle you're sitting on. You should be outraged today that a California politician named Jules Manson has taken to his Facebook to call for the assassination of President Barack Obama and his children. Because we reserve the right to dislike our president, ladies and gentlemen, but Sasha and Malia Obama are just two little kids who have done nothing to engender such vile thoughts.

And vile they are. Screenshots of comments on Manson's Facebook wall reveal he'd like to see someone take out not just a sitting president -- a federal crime, I should note -- but his "monkey children" as well.


Excuuuuuuuuuse me. Monkey children? Monkey CHILDREN?

It's bad enough that Manson is a racist who would refer to our president as a "f---ing n---er" and use the word "monkey" to refer to people of color. And highly ironic coming from a guy whose campaign website for the City of Carson City Council race, which he lost earlier this year advises people to "never vote based on age, race, creed, color, gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability."

His hate speech is evidence enough I wouldn't bother spending a moment in Manson's company past the time it would take to tell him exactly what I thought of his bigotry. And it's impossible to ignore his call for the death of our commander in chief. It's criminal, but more to the point, it's immoral.

But it's his attack on Sasha and Malia that shows the true measure of the man. Even in prison, among some of society's most immortal and base characters, it's well-known that criminals who have committed an offense against children are loathed like no other offenders. They are the bottom of the barrel, bacteria that feeds off the fungus that grows on the scum, so to speak.

Inciting violence and pondering assassination against a president has earned Manson a visit from the Secret Service (he says on the Facebook wall scrubbed of the hate speech that he cooperated fully). But his comments against the Obama children should earn him a few new titles to add to his resume: creep, sicko, man willing to stoop the lowest depths possible to make a political point.

Do Manson's comments about the Obama family infuriate you? Is there ever an excuse to attack the children of a politician?


Image via The White House/Flickr

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