Devastating Plane Crash Kills 5, Including Family of 4 (VIDEO)

plane crashA single engine, seven-seater plane carrying a husband and wife, their two children, the husband's co-worker, and a dog took a nosedive and crash landed on highway 287 near Morris Township, New Jersey. Everyone on board was killed instantly as eyewitness reports and video imagery show that the plane disintegrated into a thousand pieces once it hit the ground. The pilot, husband and father Jeffrey Buckalew, was an experienced flier and as of now, authorities aren't sure what made the plane go down. They were about an hour into their trip from Jersey's Teterboro airport to Atlanta when the FAA lost contact with the plane. Debris from the crash was found about a half-mile from the site of impact, indicating just how explosive the incident had been.

A lot of people are going to say that this is such a terrible thing to happen so close to the holidays, but really, it's a god-awful thing to happen any time of year.


There's absolutely no time nor place that's better than another for six innocent lives to be lost in a devastating tragedy such as a plane crash. It's horrific no matter what the circumstances. The thought that those children, Jackson and Merriweather, were on that plane is almost too hard to think about. I'm sure when the plane took off, everyone was excited to take the journey -- it's impossible to imagine what kind of horrors they experienced only an hour later.

The only silver-lining regarding this appalling accident is that no one on the highway was hurt or killed. I-287 is a heavily trafficked road, so it's a miracle that the plane didn't take out any cars. The video below shows just how traumatic the crash was -- the plane pieces look like small bits of kindling. It's absolutely devastating.

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the deceased and we're so thankful for all the safe flights our loved ones have taken.

Watch the aftermath of the plane crash:


Photo via YouTube

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