Teen Who Killed Gay Classmate Deserves Life Without Parole

prisonBrandon McInerney, the California student who shot and killed another student, Larry King, three years ago, just got 21 years in prison. What a joke. 

If you don't remember the gory details of what happened, allow me to refresh your memory. When McInerney was 14 years old, he brought a handgun to school and shot King, then 15, twice point blank in the back of the head. This was done in front of 12 other students and a teacher while they all were typing papers in a computer lab.


People suspect McInerney's motive was embarrassment. According to students, King was an openly gay pupil who wore makeup, jewelry, and heels to school each day and asked students to call him "Leticia." And he had a crush on McInerney and let it be known. Some say that, because of this, Brandon was teased.

You know what I say? Big whoop. I was embarrassed and teased in high school, too. Everyone is. It's a rite of passage. You don't go shooting people. And if you do, you should get life in prison. Twenty-one years for a crime this disturbing is laughable and doesn't bring any justice to King's family at all. And it's not going to pay for the years of therapy for the kids who witnessed the incident. Doesn't matter that McInerney was only 14. Fourteen-year-olds know that killing people is wrong.

During the trial, McInerney didn't speak, but his lawyer had this to say for him: "He feels deeply remorseful and stated repeatedly if he could go back and take back what he did, he would do it in a heartbeat." Wow, how heartfelt. Larry's father responded with: "You took upon yourself to be a bully and to hate a smaller kid, wanting to be the big man on campus. You have left a big hole in my heart where Larry was and it can never be filled."

I doubt that that hole will ever be filled, but perhaps life without parole would have made things a tiny bit easier to swallow.

Do you think justice was served?

Image via Tim Pearce, Los Gatos/Flickr

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