Internet Regulation Is Bad for Business & the Economy

internetToo much regulation stifles productivity, innovation, and prosperity. It chokes industry, leaving businesses gasping and wheezing, just trying to stay afloat, unable to expand and create jobs. 

Just look at what Obamacare is doing with its mandate that companies provide health insurance for their full-time employees. Many like Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s are demoting their employees to part-time status, in order to keep within the bounds of the law, while managing to remain open. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and when the government regulates how much to spend where, entrepreneurs won’t have the capital to grow their businesses.


Another example of over-regulation destroying the economy is the California Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32), a cap and trade program that would limit the amount of carbon emissions businesses like factories, shipping companies, and power plants. They will have to pay exorbitant fees if they produce more than their allotted amount of pollutants. It’s for our own good, though, because jobs are way less important than bogus global warming climate change climate science.

Now Uncle Sam wants to destroy regulate the Internet, one of the last places the free market actually exists, with the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). It sounds innocuous enough ... piracy is bad, people. Just because the Internet makes it easy to steal doesn’t mean that it’s not wrong and illegal. Stopping illegal downloading should be a good thing, right?

SOPA is nothing more than a disaster cloaked in good intentions. In order to stop online piracy, “SOPA would imbue the federal government with broad powers to shut down whole web domains on the basis that it believes them to be associated with piracy -- without a trial or even a traditional hearing.”

Right now, people can put anything online, even if it’s illegal. From copyrighted work to child pornography, people put stuff they’re not supposed on websites all the time, and there are already laws against it. If caught, they are prosecuted and punished if convicted.

We don’t need Internet regulation laws that would only penalize law-abiding citizens by making them jump through unnecessary hoops to put their content or product information online. What if the government suddenly started making us apply for approval to put posts up on The Stir? What if they decided to shut down the entire site because one blogger said something they considered defamation?

Who says the government won’t do things like this? Look at what they’re doing to Gibson Guitars and Boeing.

The government has no business poking its nose where it doesn’t belong. There are already laws against plagiarism and defamation, and if someone has been violated, there are proper legal actions that can be taken that involve a court and super smarty-pants lawyers and everything. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to make Uncle Sam the guardian of the Internet. It’s bad for liberty, and it’s bad for business.


Image via jared/Flickr

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