Moms Who Work as Phone Sex Operators Are Just Being Good Parents (VIDEO)

phone sex momEverybody knows -- or everybody should know -- that the ladies who work as operators of phone sex lines are not who they sound to be. I.E., they're usually not as sultry as their voices make them seem; they're definitely more clothed than they say are; and, now, a surprising new report shows that a lot of them are actually ... moms.

And we're not talking Angelina Jolie types of moms here. We're talking regular, ol' moms. Moms like you. Or even moms like your mom.


They're just average women who've happened to fall on hard times. The economy is in the toilet; the job market's gone to crap; and they've got a family to feed. So, they're doing what they need to do -- talkin' sexy.

Chris Durst, the woman who runs, a website that helps moms find work-from-home jobs, said that in the past 18 months alone, the amount of mothers seeking work as phone sex operators has increased 400 percent. Durst recently sat down with Good Morning America and said: "Most sound a little embarrassed. They say, 'I've tried everything. It's come to the point my family is on food stamps. We can't make the rent and are facing foreclosure. This is the fastest way for me to get my family back on my feet again.'" I think it's pretty admirable. And, hey, they get to work from home.

Obviously, to most people, this isn't an ideal job, but then again, neither are a lot of jobs -- most jobs, actually. If this is what a mother needs to do to stop her home from going into foreclosure, or to put food on her table, so be it. I don't think there's anything to be embarrassed about. I'm sure things get uncomfortable for some of the women, but they're doing what they need to do. In my opinion, it's better than no work at all -- especially when the cash rewards can be fairly big.

Typically, the "phone actresses" are paid between $10 to $50 per hour, but many can make much more. Lynn, a mother of three, told GMA that sometimes she considers getting out of the phone sex business, but the finances of leaving don't make sense. "I make more money per hour that way than I would at another job," she said. "I've made over $1,000 in the course of a day." That's a lot of meals on the table.

And her husband, Mike, has learned to accept what his wife does for a living, saying, "To not have to worry about how and where we're going to get food or if the electric bills are going to be shut off, that's a big deal. That overrides any sort of other worries I might have."

I agree 100 percent. Not having to worry about money for your family is a big deal. A much bigger deal than talking dirty to some pervert in Omaha.

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