Missing Toddler Ayla Reynolds' Parents Need to Get Their Priorities Straight

Ayla ReynoldsWhen you hear that a toddler in Maine is missing, you want to feel badly for the parents of little Ayla Reynolds, don't you? Their 20-month-old disappeared in the middle of the night! They must be frantic! But if you're the type who always starts judging the parents, get ready to dive right in.

Justin DiPietro and Trista Reynolds are two parents who are making it really hard for outsiders not to feel like something is off. To start with? The couple isn't currently speaking to one another! They can't even come together while police are frantically searching for their missing child!


Reynolds tried to make their refusal to come together on behalf of their child sound better when she told reporters that her ex was just helping her out with her daughter (she calls Ayla "my" not "our") until she got back on her feet, but they hadn't been able to co-parent well in weeks. She even says she filed for full custody of the little girl on Thursday, ironically one day before the child allegedly disappeared from DiPietro's Waterville, Maine home in the middle of the night. But nothing -- not even her claims that DiPietro didn't know about the custody grab -- can gloss over the fact that two people who are supposed to put a child's welfare first and foremost are acting like two spoiled brats right now.

They're adults, and their child has been missing since some time after DiPietro put her to bed in her crib at 8 p.m. on Friday night. And they can't actually put aside their differences for the sake of that child? Give me a break!

Nothing makes me more furious than the split parents who let their childish antics affect the actual children. Go ahead and hate each other! But since you bumped pelvises, you have lost the right to put your own feelings ahead of the life and well-being of the person you created. Usually, it's the missing children stories we see on the news that wake up parents out there that their kids are so fragile, and they really need to come first.

But Reynolds and DiPietro's kid actually is the one who is missing, and they sadly just don't seem to get it. I desperately hope this little girl is found, and that seeing her face again knocks some sense into these two.

Do you automatically feel sympathy for parents in these cases?


Image via National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

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