Rick Perry Is the Only Republican Worthy of the GOP Nomination

rick perryPresident Obama’s approval ratings are in the trash (he’s barely more popular than congress!), so a Republican victory in 2012 seems like a shoo-in. But of the handful of current GOP primary candidates, who should win the nomination to defeat the man who has increased our national debt faster than any other president in history?

Let’s take a dip in the pool and examine the potentials, shall we?


Mitt Romney is the current front-runner, and many say that he is the only one capable of beating Obama. Granted, he’s been great in the debates thus far; but his refusal to admit that the state-run health care plan he implemented as the governor of Massachusetts has bankrupted the state concerns me. If he could admit he’d been wrong on this issue, I’d have a lot more respect for him.

Newt Gingrich has been enjoying a recent surge in the polls due to his sentient smarts and no-holds-barred debate style, but over the years he’s been erratic, undisciplined, and grandiose in his politics. Plus there’s that whole Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae debacle ...

I like Santorum on a lot of issues, but he’s just so ... ho-hum. I hate referring to him as ‘vanilla’ given that his potential running mate has a decidedly ‘chocolate’ skin tone, but I just don’t see Rick Santorum garnering the support he’d need to win the presidency.

Bless Michele Bachmann’s heart, but a representative that has never introduced any serious legislation has a snowball’s chance in you-know-where. She’s a smart lady, and certainly doesn’t deserve the criticism she’s endured, but she’s not our candidate

Ron Paul has my approval with his hands-off-my-money fiscal policies, but I just can’t support someone who doesn’t believe in a strong national defense.

Neither Jon Huntsman nor Gary Johnson stands a chance.

That leaves us with Rick Perry. The dude has had some fumbles in early debates and advertisements, but he’s the guy that I think is best equipped to bring back our economy -- the number-one issue on the table at the moment. He has a solid record of job creation in a downward economy, knows what it’s like to earn a living off your sweat, and understands that higher taxes on the wealthy job-creators doesn’t spur tax revenue.

It’s still anyone’s game for the GOP presidential nomination, but if I had to vote today, it would be for Rick Perry. Come November 6, 2012, I will vote for the Republican candidate on the ballot. Any of aforementioned individuals would be better than another four years of President Spends-A-Lot.


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