Gary Johnson: The Republican Candidate No One Knows

gary johnson

Have you been watching the Republican debates? If not, grab a bowl of popcorn and kick back because these debates are ripe with entertainment. I bet the SNL writers take copious notes during the debates to take advantage of the one-liners and zingers coming from the suited politicians behind the podium. I mean, really, this is funny stuff from Michele Bachmann regarding Herman Cain’s 999 plan, “When you take the 999 plan and turn it upside down, I think the devil is in the details.” And let’s not forget Rick Perry’s “Sorry, oops.” Now that needs to be on a T-shirt. Is this really the best cream of the Republican crop? I can’t help but wonder who on earth the Republicans are going to put out there to defeat Obama in 2012.


I find myself laughing or cringing. There seems to be more folly than wisdom and certainly a fair share of rhetoric and fallacies. I can tell you without an iota of doubt that the likes of Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry will be detrimental to this country and set us back decades. In my humble opinion we have given them enough air time. It’s time to step away. Now. Newt Gingrich has meandered in and out of the limelight for years, and despite his best efforts to be more presidential, he still fails miserably and continues to demonstrate how out of touch he is and how he lacks compassion. If Mattel made an Oval Office Ken doll, it would look like Mitt Romney, perfect coif and all. But his visage would be vacant, and his words would reek of anti-Obama rhetoric. We’d listen to him talk and talk and be left wondering what he just said. It’s really quite disturbing that so much of the banter in these debates centers on how horrid Obama is instead of what each candidate will do to improve the lives of Americans. The Republican candidates are more concerned about trash talking Obama and each other while hiding behind a veil of rhetoric than actually zoning in on issues that will stabilize America.

If I had to choose one Republican candidate to win the nomination based on his debate performance alone, I would have to say that the one person who makes me cringe the least is Ron Paul. But that’s only because he’s articulate. Ron Paul and I certainly don’t share views on one single issue, and I admittedly felt my blood pressure rise when I clicked around his website. I’m saying that the man can speak clearly in a debate and makes his competitors look like knuckleheads.

There is one Republican who is running for President whom I find intriguing. Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson. He’s the one man we should be hearing more from and learning more about. His views seem to be more moderate, straddling the divide between fiscally conservative and socially liberal positions. Gary Johnson values personal freedom and efficient government. He seems honest to a fault and a little unorthodox, which I find appealing and refreshing. I can’t say I agree with all his ideas, but at least he seems to be a genuine fellow who wants to improve our country more than he wants to boost himself. After all, for a guy who’s already summited Mount Everest, biked the Alps, and competed in multiple Ironman Triathlons, the guy has nothing left to prove.


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