The 'Radical Republican' Should Get the GOP Nomination

jon huntsmanDid you watch the Republican debate last week? There was one guy -- Jon Huntsman -- who I thought won hands down. He's kind of quirky, super smart, and barely got invited because his poll numbers have been so low. Rumor has it he was about to run as an Independent. But he said loud and clear he's all in as a Republican and voila, there he was in the Iowa debates.

Talk about talking your way into a party. 


Too bad for us, his 15 minutes of fame -- and it has felt like a cumulative 15 minutes in all of these Republican debates -- hasn't been enough time to let him really punch through. Forget about answering questions. This poor guy couldn't even get ASKED a question before last week.

For those who don't know him, Huntsman was born in California, went to Penn (blatant plug of my alma mater!), was governor of Utah, Ambassador to China (and before that Singapore). But what is really impressive is the fact that he has seven children and is a Republican who can not only work with the Democrats, but worked for the big Democrat in the White House, Barack Obama, in his most recent job. I hope he gets nominated as the Republican candidate for President. He's a born diplomat and bridge builder -- just what we need to pull this country together right now.

Look at some of the conversations Jon Huntsman has already negotiated, "Honey, I know we have seven kids but I'd like to run for President." "Well, President Obama, I'd love to take that job as Ambassador to China but I'm a Republican." "Yes, rich Wall Street bankers, I know you got 1 trillion dollars from us in the bailout on Wall Street, turned around, and made a million. But that won't happen on my watch, so don't even think about asking again!" (Now we know why his family is financing his campaign.) He's also deflected all the heat Romney took for being a Mormon. It's like no one noticed Huntsman is one, too. Too smart to be the token, he waited to bat second!

My favorite part of the debate was when he was asked if he is electable. And if he could light up conservatives like all those Tea Party-ers have. He's too smart to roll his eyes at a question like that but he could have. You've heard the term fiscal hawk. Huntsman is like the Mormon machete. Here's his plan. Stop talking. Start cutting. Cut everything. Then loosen the grip of rules and taxes on business. Get out of the way and let the economy grow. That's conservative speak, folks! But, I have to admit he is a fairly radical Republican. He doesn't care if gays want to get married and he rides a bike to work because he does care about the environment. 

What a hoot Ron Paul was when he said, "Probably any of us up here could beat Obama." My only disagreement, Mr. Paul, is that if you keep calling Europe, "You're up," it might not be you. I do think it could be Huntsman, though. At least I hope so!


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