Stolen Baby Jesus Returned Just in Time for His Birthday

baby jesusYou've heard of a Grinch stealing Christmas, but have you heard of a thief stealing Jesus? Yes, sad but true, the little guy was kidnapped, manger and all, from a shopping mall nativity scene in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Jesus was missing in action for a few days and everyone was very worried about him. Unfortunately, it's not the first time he's been taken -- an incident like this also happened back in 2005. His disappearance is familiar territory.

Interestingly enough, when Jesus was recovered from the first thief a few years ago, everyone agreed it was best to fill him (Jesus, not the thief) up with 80 pounds worth of concrete to deter further kidnappers. Alas, his weight wasn't enough. He was swiped from right under the nose of Joseph and Mary.

But! This story does have a happy ending.


The police caught the Jesus-stealing culprit when a tipster (God?) informed them that a 25-year-old woman had posted photos of Jesus on her Facebook page. She may have been strong enough to cart off the heaviest baby on the planet, and she may have been crazy enough to think that stealing Jesus was a good idea, but she certainly wasn't smart enough to know that the quickest way to get caught is to upload photos of your loot to a public forum.

Plus, you gotta believe that kidnapping Christ is going to come with some serious repercussions. People are going to be ticked off about this for a while, especially Jesus' dad. I don't think he'd be too pleased to know that His son was taken on a joyride, photographed, and shared on the Internet.

The cops showed up to the thief's home and recovered baby Jesus on Thursday. Soon enough, he'll be right back where he belongs: In a fake inn surrounded by statues of family members, well-wishers, and a donkey or two. Sounds like he'll be home in time to celebrate his birthday.

Do baby Jesuses go missing in your town during the holidays?


Photo via stephendepolo/Flickr

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