Tea Party Leader Tries to Board Plane With Handgun

gunIf you've heard of Mark Meckler, you probably know him as the 49-year-old California lawyer who co-founded the Tea Party Patriots, one of the largest and most influential Tea Party groups in the nation. If you haven't heard of Mark Meckler, now you'll always know him as the dude who tried to board a Delta flight with a Glock Model 27 gun and 19 rounds of ammo at LaGuardia.

Meckler presented a ticketing agent with a locked box containing the weapon before attempting to board his flight. The agent, having a brain, alerted authorities, and Meckler was soon thereafter arrested and charged with possession of a concealed weapon in the second degree. He said he had the pistol "because he gets threats."

That's so funny. So do terrorists.


I don't mean to stereotype here, but I'm totally going to. Meckler, being one of the chairs of the Tea Party Patriots (and being that he owns a gun), is probably on the more conservative side -- no matter how much "government intervention" he wants or doesn't want. His organization was actually accused of being run with the help of FreedomWorks, the conservative nonprofit led by former Republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey (who voted for the Iraq war). Now, I'm guessing that Meckler is the kind of guy who's all for these excessive pre-flight screenings and "random" searchings ever since 9-11. Why? Because he wants to be safe. And unauthorized guns and weapons on planes aren't safe. No matter who's carrying them. Even if it's some older, American, white dude.

So, since he tried to board a flight with a handgun, is this what the new terrorists and "people to watch out for" look like? Should the TSA start pulling over every middle-aged white dude they see because of Meckler? (Let's hope not, because that would take forever.) Will conservatives now change their views on airport protocols because of this incident? Yes, I'm being a bit hyperbolic -- and no, I don't think so.

You know what I also don't think? That we'll never be able to leave our shoes on while heading through airport security ever again.

What do you think of this?


Image via Drab Makyo/Flickr

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