Michele Bachmann Lies During Debates Because She Thinks You’re Stupid

Michele BachmannMichele Bachmann seemed to have picked a theme for the Republican presidential debate last night: lie, lie, and then lie some more. And if you think that's bad but easy enough to explain with an "aww, gee, I was misinformed," get ready to change your tune. There's ample evidence today that the Minnesota Congresswoman knew she was lying!

I'm going to go out on a limb and say a deceitful politician scares me much more than a dumb one. So why is she doing this to us?


Isn't it obvious? Standing on the stage at the GOP debate in Iowa, Bachmann had a captive audience. She knew plenty of people were watching, and the only people who were there to refute her lies were the other candidates, people who have as much credibility as her. Not there, on the other hand, are people with the cold hard facts to say, "Hey now, that's not true."

When she claimed last night that a website called PolitiFact had recently written that a number of her comments at a past debate were true -- even though the website had, in fact, said, "We rate her statement Pants on Fire." It was her word against ... well, no one's. The folks at PolitiFact couldn't climb onstage to defend themselves and reveal her a fraud. They did later in a Tweet, but of course, how many people are going to read that Tweet vs. watch the Republican debate? And what about her claim that a proposed oil pipeline would bring 20,000 new jobs if "radical environmentalists" hadn't blocked it? How many people do you know who will be running to check that number -- and learn that it's more like 5,000 to 6,000 jobs that could be created by said pipeline (which has been delayed, by the way, not canceled)?

What Michele Bachmann has learned during this run for the presidency is that a 30-second soundbite is worth more than the truth. As long as a group of people hears something, a large enough amount of them will believe it right off the bat that she's OK losing the few who need more facts.

Sadly, most voters aren't informed voters, and Michele Bachmann counts on that! The average voter is willing to take what they hear once and regurgitate it, spitting misinformation out as "reason" to support a candidate. These people are stupid. And they give people like Bachmann the power to manipulate them. And as long as they do that, she's going to keep on lying.

Do you fact-check politicians' statements after you hear them?


Photo via david_shankbone/Flickr

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