The 'Geezer Bandit' Might Not be So Old After All

piggy bank robberAn elderly thief has earned a unique moniker by being both old enough to receive Social Security benefits and unscrupulous enough to rob banks. The Geezer Bandit has held up sixteen banks since 2009, walking away an undisclosed sum of other people’s money.

The man, who appears to be in his 70s, walks into each bank, pulls a gun on the teller, and hands him or her a note demanding that they fork over the cash or be killed. On December 2, the teller put a dye pack in the stack of cash before handing it over to the geezer.  It exploded in the parking lot, causing the man to drop the money and a small day planner before speeding away in a BMW.

The old dude made a quick getaway in a Beemer? That’s one agile senior citizen!

Or is he?


Several witnesses have made statements about the ‘plastic’ quality of his skin, and the oddity of his wrinkle-free hands. It turns out that it’s quite possible that the geezer isn’t a geezer at all, but a younger man (or woman!) in a high quality mask.

Police have obtained a search warrant for SPFX Masks, a southern California company that produces and sells realistic looking masks. From the surveillance footage, it appears possible that the criminal is wearing the ‘elder’ mask, but it’s hard to tell with all the graininess and stop motion action.

Authorities are investigating potential felons from a list of customers that purchased the $810 mask in the last three years. That, combined with any DNA or fingerprints they might be able to pick up from the dropped day planner, will hopefully lead to this guy’s arrest, no matter how old he is. 

As a side note, I fully expect to see Adam Sandler playing the roll of the Geezer Bandit in the movie version of this story. Wouldn’t that be awesome?


Image via pasukaru76/Flickr

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