Family Dog Comes Back to Life in Christmas Miracle

scampWhat's the one thing your kids are wishing for when the family gathers to bury a beloved family dog? Probably that the dog will come back to life. Well, that's just what happened to the Woods family.

Scamp was just an 8-month-old Yorkshire terrier-shih tzu mix when he escaped from the family's yard and ran into traffic. The poor thing was hit by a car, and with a dog that size, the odds were totally against the poor pooch's survival. To owner Paul Woods, it looked like Scamp was dead. He prepared to give his wife and grandchildren the bad news. But wait until you hear what happened the next day.


Grandpa gathered the poor pup, wrapped him in a blanket, and covered him with a wheelbarrow to keep his body safe from other animals while the family got ready to bury Scamp. The next day, he returned for Scamp's body. He lifted the wheelbarrow, and there was Scamp: sitting up and looking very much alive!

Awwwwww, it's a Christmas miracle! Turns out the dog wasn't dead after all. Plus, the cold temperatures outside actually helped Scamp survive. It slowed his body's functions and kept his brain from swelling. The kids were thrilled to have their dog back. No blue Christmas for this family. After some treatment at the vet, Scamp is back looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, literally.

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Are you amazed by Scamp's recovery?


Image via ABC

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