Mayor's Weird Dead Animal Christmas Card Is Better PR Than a Sex Scandal (VIDEO)

mayor christmas cardI don't know about you, but I'd be a little bit freaked out if the mayor of my town sent out a family Christmas card featuring taxidermied animals ... particularly taxidermied animals frozen in a violent pose. Like the ... um ... very ... merry card Mayor Jorge Santini of San Juan, Puerto Rico sent this year, featuring a leopard chomping down on the neck of a frightened antelope-type creature.

Maybe Santini is just a fellow of extremely strange tastes. Maybe he's trying to send his opponents some sort of threatening message. Maybe he was, as he claims, just trying to give the San Juan Wildlife Museum some holiday love.

Maybe he chose the pic of the leopard and the antelope because it was actually less disturbing than some of the other options ...


Like the shot where the possessed penguin is clearly about to peck his son's eyes out? Or the one where the turkey in-flight is actually more terrifying than the bear?

The way I see it, if you're gonna pose for family holiday pics in a museum full of taxidermied animals, you may as well go full-tilt boogie. Why not put a Santa hat on that bear's head? Or wrap some tinsel and twinkling lights around the leopard?

And really, are there no reindeer to be found in that entire Wildlife Museum?

One thing's for sure: This guy's animal planet-themed Christmas card is definitely getting HIM a lot of press (if not the Wildlife Museum itself). Maybe more politicians should follow his lead and try thinking out of the box when it comes to PR. I mean, really. Sex scandals are so not original. The new rule of thumb should be: Stuffed penguin = Interesting. Stuffed intern = Boring.

What do you think of Mayor Santini's Christmas card?


Image via YouTube

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