Angry Flight Attendants Need to Let Alec Baldwin Go

alec baldwinA few flight attendants are still really ticked off at Alec Baldwin. Remember when he was kicked off a flight for refusing to turn off his phone? Yeah, well, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants was not and still isn't amused, especially after Alec's non-apology on SNL this weekend. They want to punish the bad, bad man for his bad, bad actions. Doing their job by evicting him from the plane wasn't enough. The flight attendants want more retribution. They want justice. They want payback. In other words, they want episodes of 30 Rock to be banned from airing on American Airlines flights.

OK. Everyone just remain calm. No need to search for the nearest exit, which may be behind you. Deep breaths. Let's all just relax a little bit, eh?


I don't see why the APFA is pushing a petition against one of the greatest shows on TV just because an actor from the show has a Words With Friends (and possibly an anger) problem. Flying is a nightmare already; we don't need less entertainment options, we need more. What's going to distract us from the hubbub of the next actor being booted from first class if not a well-written sitcom? Because, come on, this isn't the last time that something like this will happen.

These flight attendants just need to get off their mile-high horses and take a chill pill. They say they'll pull the petition if Alec issues an apology, but I don't think that's happening anytime soon. What's next, though, you know? Are they going to petition to ban Coke products if someone from that organization pisses them off? No peanuts if an exec from the snack distributor mouths off to the flight crew?

The AA flight attendants did their job and followed protocol and booted an ill-behaved passenger from a flight. There's no need for a 30 Rock ban. Blerg.

Do you think 30 Rock should be banned from AA flights?


Photo via Vivanista1/Flickr

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