Landlord Who Posted 'Whites Only' Sign Should Be Evicted From America

poolA few months ago -- in the year 2011 -- a landlord by the name of Jamie Hein put up an iron sign at the gated entrance to one of her property's pools in Ohio that read, "Whites Only." She posted the note when a teenage girl, who happened to be African American, was visiting her parents at their duplex. Now Hein wants the state civil rights commission, who found her to have discriminated, to reconsider its decision.

In a statement, the commission said that its investigation concluded that the posting of such a ridiculous, insane, unbelievable sign "restricts the social interaction between Caucasians and African-Americans and reinforces discriminatory actions aimed at oppressing people of color." Hein says they're wrong. She claims that she only posted the sign because the teenage girl used chemicals in her hair that would make the pool "cloudy."

Just making things worse here, lady. 


If the integrity and crystal clear waters of the pool were Hein's top priority (no, they weren't), why not just put up a sign that reads, "Please shower before using pool"? Or why not talk to the girl personally about what she uses in her hair (which, incidentally, is also pretty racist)? Posting a disgusting sign that promotes segregation like this is 100 percent unacceptable. It's almost 2012 -- I truly am shocked to the core that someone would do this, even with the knowledge that plenty of ignorant, racist people are still alive and well in our fair country.

I'm embarrassed right now. Embarrassed that a person who, technically, lives within driving distance of myself would do something foolish and rude, and would make a teenage girl feel so unwelcome. Congratulations, Jamie Hein, you single-handedly have just taken America to a new low.

How gross is this?

Image via Dru Bloomfield - At Home in Scottsdale/Flickr

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