Troops' Early Return Is the Best Holiday Gift (VIDEO)

militaryIt's going to be an extra special holiday for the loved ones of certain U.S. Army soldiers this year. Yesterday, 200 men and women returned from Iraq to Fort Bliss in Texas, where they were reunited with their spouses, children, friends, and families. What makes the whole thing even sweeter is the fact that the unit was deployed in August and was prepared to stay for 12 months. Talk about an early holiday present!


Thanks to President Obama, the troops, whose mission was to train the Iraqi army, were called home by the end of the year. Now, eight months sooner than they thought, they get to celebrate the holidays at home with their families. Thousands of other troops are expected return this month.

Obviously, these families would have been thrilled to see their loved ones who are enlisted at any time, but the fact that they're home eight months earlier than they expected -- and the fact that that time happens to be the holidays? I'm sure it's one gift they'll never forget. It makes me incredibly thankful not only towards the men and women who are out there serving our country, but thankful that I get to spend the holidays with all the people I love. Check out the heart-warming video and prepare to have your cryballs water. So sweet.

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How wonderful is this?


Image via NBC

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