'Lap Dances for Toys' Drive Makes Men Look Like Total Scrooges

admiral theatre chicagoAs much as we love giving gifts to loved ones this time of year, giving BACK is just as important. Google knows it -- they just donated $11.5 million to fight human trafficking! But sadly, not everyone has the same charitable spirit as the tech company. There are some Scrooges out there who need to be bribed into donating anything. Even a toy.

At least that's the assumption one gentleman's entertainment complex (aka strip club) called The Admiral Theatre is working under. Because, although they've had a long-standing tradition of charity, the staff has witnessed a decline in customer participation in its service events. So, this year, they're offering a sexy incentive: lap dances for toy donations. In addition, patrons will get witness "Nude Pillow Fighting." Whoo!

Obviously, the event is aimed at men, so it begs the question ... are bribes like this the only way to get them to donate?


Or is the strip club just working under the sexist assumption that men simply won't give out of the kindness of their hearts? That they have to have a horny excuse to bring a toy in?

To be fair/play devil's advocate for a sec, it could be something about the venue itself. A guy hitting up a strip club simply might remember a toy donation in the same way he would if he were going to, say ... his local grocery store where they've been advertising a toy drive for the past two weeks. He's got his mind on a bachelor party or a guys' night out. Also, lots of patrons just might not be "regulars" and have no idea about the toy drive -- unless they heard about this lap dance incentive.

But at the same time, I'd love to see some stats on whether more men or women are "in charge" of charitable acts around the holidays. When toy, food, or clothing drives are going on at that grocery store or the elementary school, more often than not, it probably falls to the wife to get 'er done. And also, why is it that we expect drives to occur at stereotypically "mom hangout"-type places -- not gentlemen's clubs or sports bars? Hey, maybe this lap dance situation is a sign it's time for men to step it up. Maybe we need to start a "Charity is Manly!" awareness campaign or something?! After all, being a Scrooge is not sexy at all.

What do you think about this strip club's event? Do you think men are less likely than women to participate in charity events?

Image via AdmiralTheatrex.com

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