Christine O'Donnell Endorsement Backfires on Mitt Romney

Christine O'DonnellPull out the pitchforks and start the bonfires. It's looking more and more like former Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell really is a witch. She's certainly cast something over the Mitt Romney campaign today -- although it may be more of a pall than a spell.

O'Donnell came out on Fox News last night with an official endorsement of the former Massachusetts governor. It should come as no surprise to voters who recall Romney backed O'Donnell in her race against Democrat Chris Coons for Vice President Joe Biden's vacated Senate seat. Oh wait, you didn't remember that? Oops!


O'Donnell says she's a fan of Romney, but it looks like her endorsement just let a nasty cat back out of the bag! It turns out Romney didn't just endorse the anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-masturbation (really, you can't make this stuff up), completely unaware of the facts of the Constitution candidate awhile back. He actually sunk money into her campaign against Coons. Romney put up $5,000, to be exact. Not much when you consider she raised $7.3 million -- a state record -- but certainly more than chump change.

He liked her, he really liked her! Which really makes him look like an idiot!

Oy, poor Mitt. To have that skeleton fall out of his closet this week had to rattle him. As if it weren't hard enough for him to stump for votes in New York while a Democrat-hired plane circles over NYC with a giant sign that reads, "Bet You 10K Romney's Out of Touch" And then there's his dip in the polls vs. Newt Gingrich (who O'Donnell, for the record, says is "inconsistent and unreliable"). Oh, and that unfortunate run-in with a gay veteran, wherein the governor showed himself unwilling to engage in thoughtful discussions about gay marriage and the treatment of gays in the military.

And now on top of all of that, we've got a big fat reminder that the woman he thought best able to serve our great nation is one who doesn't actually know anything about the First Amendment. Roll the videotape!!

What is it they say about the company you keep reflecting on you? Because hanging with O'Donnell certainly doesn't make Romney look any better, and it's going to take some super special magic to clean that one up.

What do you think -- did Christine O'Donnell just make things worse for Mitt Romney with her endorsement?


Image via michaeldjohns/Flickr

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