Woman Finds Adorable Baby Seal Snuggled on Her Couch (VIDEO)

SEAL PUPA baby seal wandered into New Zealand woman Annette Swoffer's home yesterday, and as far as I'm concerned, she's the luckiest lady on the planet. The baby pup, with his cute little fur, cute little button nose, big brown eyes, and adorable little flippers, came into the house through the cat door and sauntered into the place like it ain't no thang. The delightful little house guest had made his way up from the waterfront, through a residential neighborhood, under Ms. Swoffer's gate, up her driveway, through the cat portal, and eventually got comfy in the corner of her sofa. He just wanted a soft, warm, and snugly place to sleep for the night! He came in around 9:30 p.m., so clearly it was past his bedtime.


Poor Ms. Swoffer wasn't thrilled at first -- she thought she was hallucinating. It's not every day your wish (wait, just mine?) to have a baby seal show up on your couch comes true, so she was understandably confused. Resisting the urge to pick him up and snorgle him for hours, feed him treats, and start teaching him that nose-ball trick, she called Animal Control who took the little snuggle-puss back to his natural habitat.

Our little seal pup is quite the adventurer, and quite the sofa aficionado. I can't blame him for wanting to take a little snooze on a warm couch with the soft and soothing hum of the TV lulling him to sleep. I bet he was all, night night! and shut his eyes, folded his flippers across his chest, and dozed off to seal-seal land.

He's fortunate he wandered into Ms. Swoffer's home because Lord knows if he'd found his way into my apartment, he'd be sitting on my lap right now wearing a Santa hat as I trained him to seal clap using Twizzlers and honey-flavored pretzels as reward. Then we'd cuddle and I'd take him for a walk on a leash. We'd be the talk of the town.

WATCH the seal pup try and get cozy on the couch:

How cute is this? Do you love seal pups, too?


Photo via YouTube

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