Homeless Man Gets Pedicure After Finding Credit Card

homeless man pedicureQuestion: If you were homeless and living on the streets and you found a credit card lying unattended on the ground, what would you do with it? You'd probably buy food, booze, clothes, and maybe a couple of blankets, right? You definitely wouldn't waltz into a nail salon and get your toes did, would you? Well, that's not how homeless man Jonah Troutman, 27, works. When he found a MasterCard glistening on the sidewalk, the first thing he did was buy himself a pedicure.


Last Saturday, after finding a credit card on the street, Troutman headed straight for Nancy's Nails in Volusia County, Florida to get what I imagine was a much-needed pedi. The super messed up part? After the technician finished scrubbing, buffing, and massaging his hooves into shape, the credit card didn't work. Not to be rude here, but that poor woman had to give what was probably one of the nastiest pedicures of her life -- for free. The owner of the spa wants to press charges.

Feeling bad for the woman subject to Troutman's feet aside, I've gotta admit, I kind of like this guy. Pedicures are a luxury, something we don't get to indulge in on a regular basis. Why not treat himself right and get a little pampering? Sure, stealing is wrong, but Lord knows when his next visit to the salon will be. And, hey, it's better than trying to buy four jugs of Popov. Also, it's hilarious, and totally telling of our society, that this is what he chose to do with the would-be money. Get yo' nails did, Troutman!

Do you find this amusing?


Image via Volusia County Jail/AlmilaS/Flickr

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