Holiday Shopping in Store After Woman's Stabbing Is a New Low

shoppingAs if Black Friday didn't give us enough "humanity is awful" stories, here's another holiday shopping doozy for you! A woman was stabbed to death right in the middle of a Wal-Mart in Greenville, South Carolina this week. And if that didn't make you want to stick to online shopping, let me keep going. Shoppers continued to, well, shop! Because nothing is as important as getting your hands on that LaLaLoopsy Doll, right?



The store is taking a lot of heat for even staying open after a woman who worked in the Wal-Mart-associated Woodforest Bank branch was stabbed -- allegedly by her husband, Avery Blandin -- in the middle of the workday. But I have got to know who walks into a store on a Saturday afternoon, sees a bunch of cops, hears a woman was killed, and says, "Dang, well, gotta get some more wrapping paper and beer! I'll just scoot around that!"

Folks, I come from years of newspaper reporting. I was on the scene of some pretty awful things, and I hated being there with every inch of my being! I would say you couldn't pay me to take photos of teenagers crying over their dead friend, but, that's exactly what happened. I was on the scene of car accidents where children were dead because that was what my job required, and the job is what kept food on the table for my child. I couldn't just find another job.

But these people sure as heck could have found another store to shop in for the day! Hanukkah is a week away! Christmas is even further! There's time to find that doll. Or that game. There is no reason to go shopping in a store that's crawling with cops investigating a murder. Hear that? NONE!

Could you shop while a woman's freshly spilled blood is sitting just a few hundred feet away?


Image via shlomifish/Flickr

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