Chelsea Clinton Should Get Bill's Advice About Her New TV Job

chelsea clintonChelsea Clinton made her television debut last night on NBC's Rock Center With Brian Williams. And she gave us exactly the performance we'd expect: quiet and earnest. YAWN! Didn't she inherit any of Bill Clinton's charisma?

Chelsea has the kind of opportunity other young, aspiring journalists would kill for -- a spot on a prominent news show with the dashing Mr. Williams. After years of avoiding public attention, she's finally put herself in the spotlight. And then she pulls a magic trick: Chelsea Clinton DISAPPEARS RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES!


Wait, is she still there? Is she still talking? It's hard to tell. She's so calm and sensible. Don't get me wrong -- I love the subject Chelsea chose. She did a profile on Annette Dove, a woman who has devoted her life and savings to an after-school program in Arkansas. It's an inspiring hope-filled story that deserves our attention. But will stories like these get any attention with Chelsea as the reporter?

I can see where Chelsea's coming from. She's a serious woman who wants to give the news its dignity back. She doesn't want to get in front of the story. It's admirable. But Chelsea, for the next several months, you are the story, whether you like it or not. And if you really want these stories to shine, you have to be the light, know what I mean?

I don't know. Maybe she's just nervous -- or maybe -- shh, lean in a little because I have to whisper this -- maybe she's kind of boring. NO! That's impossible! You cannot possibly grow up as Bill and Hillary's kid and come out boring. C'mon Chelsea, let's see some personality.


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What did you think of Chelsea Clinton's television debut?


Image via Rock Center/MSNBC

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