Missing Mom Story Ends Like They Always Do

karen swift
Karen Swift
The case of missing mother-of-four Karen Swift has taken a tragic turn: On Saturday, the 44-year-old woman's decomposed body was found only two miles away from her Tennessee home. This discovery came six weeks into the investigation that began on October 30, when Swift's abandoned car was found with a flat tire about half a mile down the road from the house she shared with her children and husband David Swift.

No suspects have been named as of yet, but as the last person to see her alive, David is being questioned by the police.

The man may very well be completely innocent. It's interesting, however, that the couple filed for divorce just days before Karen disappeared.

Not only does research show that the vast majority of domestic violence fatalities are wives/mothers killed by their husbands, there are countless examples of murdered women supporting this deadly theory ...


Anybody remember Laci Peterson? She went "missing," too ... until her remains and those of her unborn child washed ashore and her husband Scott was convicted of first-degree murder.

How about Eric Gilford, sentenced in October to 100 years in jail for the slaying of his (also pregnant) wife, Kristine, whom he believed was cheating on him?

Sam Friedlander of Westchester and his wife Amy were, like the Swifts, in the process of divorcing when Sam beat his wife to death, shot their two children as they slept, and then turned the gun on himself.

Then there's missing "People's Court Mom" Michelle Parker ... hmm. Wonder what happened to her? (No I don't.)

Of course I'm not saying divorce leads to murder or that all husbands are potential killers, so please don't even try to go there. What I am saying is that in actual cases of domestic homicide, research literature shows a number of related factors which lead to murder: A history of abuse, divorce, separation or estrangement of spouses, extreme possessiveness/jealousy on the part of the male, restraining orders issued against the husband.

Karen Swift's loss is tragic regardless of who is responsible for her death. Let's just hope that person is brought to justice sooner rather than later.

What do you think happened to Karen Swift?


Image via Dyer County Sheriff's Office

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