Infamous Pepper-Spraying Shopper Is Really Just a 'Good Mom' (VIDEO)

walmart black fridayJust when you thought you'd heard the last of the lady at Walmart who pepper-sprayed a crowd of fellow shoppers on Black Friday ... she's baaaaack! With a new and improved motive for nearly blinding a bunch of innocent bargain hunters! Oh, and a lawsuit.

Oh yes, a lawsuit. I bet you're thinking it's Walmart that's suing the pepper spray lady, right? Or maybe one of the wrong place/wrong time bystanders who got maced in the eye. Because that would make sense.

Silly reader! You should know by now that there is no sense to be made of a story involving Walmart, Black Friday, and pepper spray. Oh, and an Xbox!


Allow me to refresh your memory regarding the details of this case: First, we were led to believe the reason 32-year-old Elizabeth Macias pepper-sprayed the crowd was to knock out the Xbox-buying competition. Then there was some speculation about Macias having some sort of claustrophobia-induced panic attack.

Now she's claiming that she was merely trying to protect her teenage son and daughter. They were being kicked and punched by other Walmart patrons, she says -- and that's where the lawsuit comes in. Macias is suing Walmart for not providing adequate security.

That's just ridiculous.

Why would Walmart bother to hire extra security when customers go shopping fully armed anyway?

So, I already thought Mencias probably had a screw (or two) loose, but now ... now I think I'm worried about her "teenage son and daughter." If they do in fact exist. I mean, why didn't we hear about them before? Why was the crowd "punching and kicking" them?

What will happen in the next chapter of Mencias' story? Maybe Mencias wasn't pepper-spraying people at all, maybe she was pepper-spraying an invisible fire-breathing dragon. Maybe she was saving the planet from evil aliens cleverly disguised as discount-loving humans.

As long as the next installment of The Walmart Pepper Spray Chronicles features Mencia's case being thrown out of court, I don't care if there were fire-breathing aliens! Just stop the madness, please. And I mean madness ... watch this clip.

Do you think Mencias is lying about why she pulled the pepper spray stunt?

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