Penn State's Mike McQueary Gets Another Chance to Do Right by Sexually Abused Kids

mike mcquearyThe single, strongest piece of evidence since the start of the Jerry Sandusky sex scandal investigation has been Mike McQueary's witnessing of the former Penn State coach and a young boy in the shower together. It was pretty much no-fail proof that put the odds of Sandusky getting what he deserved pretty high. But now, McQueary's story is changing.

In a grand jury testimony, Dr. Jonathan Dranov, a McQueary family friend, says that shortly after the alleged incident, McQueary described the situation in less certain terms than the horrifying version we've all come to know.


The new version that's surfaced is horrifying as well, but it leaves things a lot more vague. According to Dranov, who was at McQueary's father's home when the former Penn State assistant coach came seeking advice, Mike said that he heard "sex sounds" and saw a boy look out of the shower before being pulled back by an adult arm. According to a source, Dranov then stated that McQueary said he saw a towel-clad Sandusky exiting the shower seconds later. Dranov then testified that McQueary said three times that he had not seen any actual sexual contact, which is why he advised McQueary to tell Joe Paterno about the incident rather than police. This story doesn't match McQueary's own grand jury testimony. Wow.

Since the start of this case, McQueary has taken a lot of heat as to why he never went to the police from the get-go. Basically, people are saying he (and Joe Paterno) didn't stop future incidents from happening just to save the Penn State brand (and their jobs). If Dranov's recount is true, why wouldn't McQueary have just come out and said it? It would actually take some of the controversy away from him in the long run. It would make his not going to the police a little more understandable. Maybe Dranov just feels guilty for advising McQueary to not go to the cops.

McQueary actually can do something good here. He can stick to the story the public has come to know -- and if that's not the God's honest truth, he can be damn specific with what he did see. Whether McQueary actually saw Sandusky raping a boy with his own two eyes or not, clearly he was present while he was. He has the power to convey this and to influence the way the jury votes. Hopefully, he'll do the right thing and won't just try to protect his own image.

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