My Daughters Helped Me Find My Political Voice

microphoneSince becoming a mother, my life has changed in a lot of ways. One thing that has changed dramatically is my desire to talk about politics openly, candidly, and publicly. I’ve leaned to the right for as long as I can remember, but my kids have given me cause to talk out loud about it.

I love my kids, and I love this country, and if we continue down this path of reckless spending, the America I know will cease to exist for them to love as much as I do. I want them to have the opportunity to do or be anything their hearts desire. I want them to know the satisfaction of a job well done, and the ability to enjoy the fruits of their labor.


Our national deficit was a trillion and a half dollars this year, and I wonder how much of that my kids are going to have to pay for. And for what? To keep unemployment under 8 percent? Yeah, that worked. 

It never works to take from the earners to give to the non-earners. All that happens is that the 1 percent has less capital to invest into their businesses (hello, job creation!), and the unemployed continue to be unemployed. 

The government has become too involved in our lives, and I don’t want my kids’ decisions to be made for them, right down to how many French fries they can have, what kind of light bulbs they should use, or what school they should go to. That’s the privilege of parents, not Uncle Sam.

I have always believed in people over government, self-reliance over self-esteem, and charity over welfare. Motherhood hasn’t changed that, but it has given me a voice and a backbone of steel, which are totally necessary when you work in the cesspool known as politics. 

Someone once asked me how I could work in conservative politics with my kids ... wasn’t I worried about how they might be affected? My answer was, and still is, I worry more about what will happen if no one speaks out about the cruddy job Washington is doing managing our money. I don’t do this in spite of my kids; I do it because of them.

I’m involved with politics because I’m a mom, and I believe that it is a mom’s prerogative to be informed about issues that will affect our families.

Image via Daehyun Park/Flickr

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