Lunar Eclipse Will Disappear Even Faster Than These 5 Spectacles of 2011

lunar eclipseQuick! It's time for another one of those now you see it, now you don't moments in time. I'm talking about the lunar eclipse of 2011! It's supposed to last all of 50-something minutes, and it won't be coming back for another three years!

And if you don't think it's important enough to get up at 6:05 a.m. tomorrow morning to get a peek at the moon looking all red and awesome, let's put this in perspective, shall we? Here are five more things that you better catch a load of while they're hot, because we are already catching a whiff that their goose is cooked:


Rod Blagojevich: Ol' Blago is headed for prison, and the Illinois governor will be gone for 14 whole years. Anyone willing to lay bets on what happens after that much time without hairspray and mousse?

Rick Perry's Candidacy: The Texas governor ran a political ad attacking gays, the military, and the freedom of religion all in one fell swoop. Um, he does realize he's a Republican, right? That's the party that's all pro-states rights and military, right?

Santa Haters: Just 16 more days until these big stinking meanies shut up and find someone else's cornflakes to pee in for the year. 

Holiday Charity Drives: Aaaaand 16 more days until they stop beating us over the head with how much money they need every single blessed time we turn around!

Homophobes: When New York State paved the way for gays to marry this year, it sent a message across the country: as NY goes, so goes the nation. Listen up y'all!

Is that enough proof that it's worth rolling out of bed early on a Saturday? Well get your hiney up in the a.m. then! The total lunar eclipse will begin at 6:05 a.m. (Pacific Time), and it will be gone by 6:57 a.m ... and not come back for another three years! The moon will be completely blocked from direct sunlight during that time, and the spectacle will be visible in the Western US, East Asia, Australia, and of course Western Canada (it beings at 4:45 a.m., but that's only a partial blockage ... so you can sleep in a wee bit).

Are you going to get up early to get a look-see?


Image via tallpolmin/Flickr

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