Grown Man Teaches Super Pervy Teen Texting 'Lesson'

The message has been made abundantly clear to most of us: Sexting photos of a minor is a crime and will be punished as such. This is true no matter who sends the photos and no matter what the reason they did so. Clearly someone needed to tell this to Eugene Foster, 31, of Arizona. He texted nude photos of his girlfriend's teenage daughter to 30 people and is in a heap of trouble.

At first glance, the story seems sick and perverted. Obviously, this 31-year-old man has no business sexting photos of a teenage girl. But the reason he did so, at least according to police, wasn't sexual at all. In fact, the girl took the photos herself and he was merely "teaching her a lesson."

Now he is the one learning a lesson, eh?


Who on Earth thinks it's funny or helpful to send a naked photo of a young girl to 30 people. Who has 30 friends who wouldn't find that disgusting or disturbing? Anyone?

I know we're supposed to believe he is telling the truth and that was his motive, but it seems to absurd; it's hard to buy as the truth. That is a great cover-up when the truth is much more obscene.

Or maybe it isn't. Because, in fact, he looks like a complete fool right now. Maybe looking like a fool is preferable to looking like a pedophile for him right now.

Whatever the reason he did it, what he did is so unimaginably foolish, it's hard to have sympathy for him. Is public humiliation really the best punishment? Was there no other way to teach this girl not to take photos of herself?

Personally, if I were this man's girlfriend and this girl were my daughter, I would want him charged with distributing child porn because he did. And no matter what the reasons are, he still did it.

It may very well be a misunderstanding, but that is too bad for him. Distributing child pornography is a crime and he committed it. Do the crime, serve the time. Sorry to say, but he is the one who needed a lesson.

Do you think he should be in trouble?


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