Naked Grannies Calendar Sells to Save Ailing Veteran Hangout

old ladies beachIf I'm lucky enough to live to be a senior citizen, I hope to god I'm half as cool as the grandmas of Lake Helen, Florida. Scratch that, I'd like to be half as cool as the grandmas of Lake Helen right now! Talk about spunk. Talk about loyalty. Talk about determination.

Talk about some hot legs!

See, many of these grannies are married to (or are widows of) veterans. For years, they've been doing their best to maintain the vets' local hangout, American Legion Post 127. But major repairs needed to be made, and, the economy being what it is, the grandmas' usual fundraising methods (bake sales, etc.) just weren't cutting it.

So they decided to do something a little drastic. Something a little ... risque ...


They decided to get naked! (What better way to raise money?) Yes, the grannies took it all off for the cameras to make the 2012 Ladies of 32744 Calendar (32744 is the zip code for Lake Helen), which instantly became a local bestseller. Put it this way: American Legion Post 127 should be back in business before long!

The calendar girls range in age from 44 to 87; one woman even posed in her wheelchair. And in case you were wondering, all of the shots make use of strategically placed props (no potential scarring of the grandkids to worry about here).

To me, this story is just one more example of the endless devotion and dedication of military wives. It's been decades since their husbands were in active service. Still, it's so important to these women to preserve and honor their legacy that they went so far as to strip naked for a calendar. All so their men can continue to have pancake breakfasts at the American Legion.

And to give them the chance to say, "This is my wife, Miss July."

Do you think the Ladies of 32744 are the coolest grandmas around?

Image via Doc Searls/Flickr

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