If This News Anchor Isn't Drunk My Name's Santa Claus (VIDEO)

annie stensrudAnnie Stensrud must've had a rough week. The anchor of local Minnesota news station KEYC seemed flat-out hammered during her 10 p.m. broadcast Sunday night. And I'm not talking red-faced and giggly tipsy here, I'm talking hammered. Slurring her words, wobbling in her seat, eyes-half closed, Goldschlager hammered. And it's exactly the thing I needed today.

If you do one thing for yourself on this fine Thursday, watch this video. Please. I promise you, it'll be three and a half minutes well-spent.




Full disclosure here, it hasn't been confirmed that Stensrud (who, by the way, has interviewed Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden) was drunk. KEYC vice-president Dennis Wahlstrom said in a statement: "Sunday night's uncharacteristic newscast on KEYC Mankato can hardly be considered private. Nonetheless, in our judgment, the matter represents a personnel issue to be resolved internally." 

I guess, technically, she could be on prescription meds or, God forbid, be having some neurological thing happen like Serene Branson (in which case I'll feel like a complete a**hole). But until anyone tells me otherwise, I'm just going go on assuming that she's drunk. Because that's how it seems. Because that way it's lighthearted. Because that way it's hysterical. And because it's just the thing I need to get me through to the weekend.

Do you think Annie Stensrud is drunk?


Image via YouTube

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