Crucified Santa on Courthouse Lawn Sparks Obvious Controversy

skeleton santaThis is just your average news story about a plastic skeleton dressed up in Santa gear and pinned to a cross on a courthouse lawn. It all went down in Leesburg, Virginia and it's making national headlines today after the county had a meeting to discuss what is and isn't appropriate for courthouse holiday decorations. 'Tis the season for bureaucracy and debates and insults and threats and vandalism, no? Throw in some eggnog and a cookie or two and it's one heck of a party.

Unfortunately, there isn't any alcohol or sugary treats associated with this crucified Santa skeleton story, which is really too bad because after reading about this humdinger, I really feel like eating away my frustration.


So the Skele-Claus, as people are calling it, was made by a high school student who wanted to make a statement about how the true meaning of Christmas has been taken over by materialism. A local woman was offended by the student's project and took it upon herself to take it down. Then the town had a meeting to discuss what to do about it all. Was the woman wrong for "destroying" the display? Was the kid wrong for nailing a starved Santa to a cross? Was the town wrong for letting this all happen? There were people arguing for and against each side.

But here's an interesting tidbit: It would appear that the county allows nine holiday-themed displays, first come, first served, to be erected by citizens each year on their courthouse lawn. A bold move, to say the least. But it's their policy and they pre-approve each display, so with that in mind, I say that the county is in the wrong here. I mean, a little common sense would've been nice.

Did no one on the board think that Skele-Claus would be offensive? Personally I don't care if it's Santa or George Bush or Kim Kardashian or whoever on that cross -- it's an aggressive image that evokes pain, suffering, starvation, and death. Those aren't necessarily adjectives I associate with this time of year when I'm supposed to be rejoicing.

I didn't find Skele-Claus religiously offensive, and I was raised Christian. I was also raised 10 miles from Leesburg. What I do find offensive is the lack of foresight on behalf of the board. This could've been avoided, as in, why allow anyone to put anything religious on the courthouse lawn? That's just asking for it.

I think the Chairman of the County Board of Supervisors summed it up pretty nicely when he said: "We're going to try to change the rules next year, what's going on now is absurd." Agreed, totally absurd.

Watch the local news story on the Skele-Claus debate:

What do you make of this whole mess?


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