Jerry Sandusky Needs Protection From Wackos After New Victims Come Forward

Jerry SanduskySurprise. Surprise. Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was arrested again and hauled back to court today to face yet more charges of sexually abusing little boys. Is anyone else wondering why the cops don't just keep him there for the long haul?

No really, people. I know we live in a country where we're all innocent until proven guilty, and the prosecution of a suspected criminal has to be fair and just, and we all get due process and all that jazz. But does anyone really think it's safe to have Jerry Sandusky out walking the streets?


Just for argument's sake, let's say that he has done all the disgusting things that he's accused of doing to innocent kids. The charges keep piling up -- in fact today's charges represent two brand new alleged victims who were somehow in contact with the coach through Second Mile, his foundation for at-risk kids. One kid alleges he was abused by Sandusky in 1997, the other as recently as 2004. And these are, of course, on top of 40-some charges involving eight other kids.

Right there, it sounds like he qualifies as "probably risk to society." In that vein, he should be behind bars while he's awaiting trial!

But this isn't all about the public, is it? The courts have a responsibility to protect defendants too. Hence all that talk about justice and protection from cruel and unusual punishment. Jerry Sandusky is still, technically, legally, a man who has not been proven guilty in a court of law. He has rights. Which is exactly why he belongs in jail!

He's a man at the center of a national (international?) scandal, a man accused of committing heinous acts against children, defending the defendant means protecting him from vigilante justice -- the kind that tends to crop up when kids are hurt, and an adult seems to be to blame. Already people have vandalized the Sandusky home. It's not hard to imagine what they could do next -- not when you consider some of the lengths people have gone to in the past to rid the world of child predators. The only way to really protect him ... and keep him around to face prosecution ... is to keep him in prison.

Do you really see a problem with Jerry Sandusky sitting in a jail cell?

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