5 Best Mitt Romney Campaign Theme Songs

mitt romney walking with supportersJust a wild guess here, but Mitt Romney's current mental state can't be a very good one. I mean, damn, he was supposed to be the clear front runner for the GOP nomination, but now, like a bat out of hell, that troll Newt Gingrich has swept in and started cleaning up in Iowa. They're even calling it "Newtmentum"!!! GAH. Who the heck saw that coming?! Romney must feel he needs a game-changer right now. There's no other explanation for why he would be making a big, hairy deal about choosing Kid Rock's "Born Free" as his campaign song

The Kid Rock tune is very flag-wavy, so I'm sure it'll serve Romney just fine out there on the campaign trail, but here are five songs that would be a much better fit for the former Massachusetts governor ...


"Jealous Guy" by John Lennon - Sure, they play for the same team, but there's no gettin' around it -- Mitt wants what Newt has! He also wants what Obama has! He doesn't mean to hurt anyone, but he's just a jealous guy ...

"Spooky Mormon Hell Dream" from The Book of Mormon Broadway musical - No matter how hard he tries, Mitt's religion perpetually haunts him as one big road block lots o' voters can't seem to get past!

"I'm Not Sick But I'm Not Well" by Lit - Thanks to the health care reform Romney passed during his time as governor, Massachusetts residents aren't nearly as sick as they used to be! But if he becomes president and tries to overturn Obama's almost identical law, no one will be well ...

"Daddy's Little Boy" by The Mills Brothers - Much like all the other nepotistic politicians in Washington, Mitt got where he is thanks to his daddy. He could pay him tribute with this tune!

"Dirty Water" by the Standells - This ode to Boston is perfect for Mitt, since his (corrupt, sneaky) brand of politics hails from "down by the banks of the river Charles ... along with lovers, buggers, and thieves."

What song do you think fits Mitt Romney's campaign and could get him elected next year?

Image via Dave Delay/Flickr

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