Stolen Santa Story Will Make You Believe in Christmas Elves

stolen santaA 16-foot inflatable Santa Claus was stolen from the front of an Indiana man's yard this week along with his two 6-foot inflatable penguin buddies. It was a sad day in Unionville when Santa went missing, but it wasn't long until good prevailed over evil. The giant St. Nick was returned to the owner's yard with an apology note and $100. Santa was a little worse for the wear; he was brought back in a trash bag because he'd been popped and entirely deflated. Poor guy.

A little bit of the Christmas spirit died when Santa was abducted, but I think it was more than restored when he was returned. See? People, while stupid and careless, really do serve the greater good! Except, wait. Where are the penguins?


Oh shoot. Bad news. The penguins didn't make it. They're still at large. So if you're in the Midwest and happen to spot two puffed-up arctic birds that seem a little lost, you know where they belong. But don't let the fact that the penguins are still missing get you discouraged about that Christmas spirit we were just talking about. It kinda lives on. Jason McClaren, the owner of the burglarized bedeckings, says he plans to buy new decorations with the $100 he received. You can steal the penguins, but you can't steal his desire to celebrate the season with cartoonish, over-sized rafts on his front lawn.

McClaren also said that the note implied that the good elf who returned the collapsed Kris Kringle wasn't the guy directly responsible for the theft. The note read: "Returning your property is the right thing to do, and apologies for the thief who took it in the first place."

Even though the person who returned the Santa wasn't the one who stole it, it was still the right thing to do and we should all be happy about this because it's funny and it's heartwarming. Don't let the holidays get you down, there's a lot to rejoice about it. Giant inflatable Santa is back where he belongs and he's going to get two new blown-up friends just as soon as McClaren decides how to spend that hundo. It's a Christmas miracle.

Have you been victimized by a Christmas Grinch before?


Photo via KB35/Flickr

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