Brave Airport Worker Fired for Saving Abused Dog’s Life

Not the abused dog, just a cute dog
I feel like nine times out of 10, when an employee is faced with a moral decision that might put their job in jeopardy, they choose the worse of two evils. Morals are important and all, but not as much as a paying job. There are, however, a few people who stand up and fight the good fight. And they're awesome. Not just because there's so few of them, because they really are making the world a little less crappy. 

Like Lynn Jones. Jones is -- sorry, was -- a baggage handler at Reno airport. When she refused to put a dog who was clearly abused aboard a plane out of fear that he wouldn't make it, she was fired on the spot. 


Jones described the dog, who belonged to a hunter from Texas, as emaciated and covered in sores. She said, "The dog was so weak and torn up. It didn't look like it could survive the flight." And the people around her agreed. Jones continued, "Everyone who saw it, the TSA people, the airport police officers, the girls at the ticket counter, were concerned." Nevertheless, Lynn's boss, apparently a stickler for rules, said that the dog's paperwork was in order and she oughta load the dog onto the flight. Jones wouldn't cooperate.

Airport Police intervened and animal services were called. They took custody of the pup and nursed him back to health. Jones was fired for "abandoning her position." She says that while she loved her job, she "just couldn't turn [her] back on that dog."

This is what I'm talking about right here! A woman with standards and a backbone, who's willing to actually put her job on the line in order to do the right thing. As an animal lover, I like to think that I'd do the same, but I honestly can't say for sure. I know I'd be heartbroken at such a sight, but I'd also be terrified of losing my job.

I'm confident that Lynn will go on to do bigger and better things. She seems like a kind person with a good head on her shoulders. Hopefully, someone will be smart enough to hire her.

What do you think you would have done in this situation?


Image via yummyporky/Flickr

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